POWERof2 Realty - Exponential Good™

Real Estate Mission:  Achieve client results worth sharing.

Philanthropy Mission:  Leverage the U.S. real estate market to improve housing for the world's poorest families.

Home For Home™ Program:  For every home sale or purchase, we will build a new home for a family in need.

About POWERof2 Agents

What We Believe:

+     Meaning In the Home

"The HOME represents the ultimate expression for the interdependence of the human family."

+     Earth Is A Shared Home

"Because the Human Family shares this HOME (Earth), we depend on each other in the same way that members of a household depend upon each other."

+     About the Home

"We believe in the sanctity and dignity of the HOME."

+     Smoother Transactions

"Buying and selling homes should be made easier, smoother and less expensive through innovative technologies and service processes."

+     Quantification to the Forefront

"Buying and selling homes should involve a more quantitative and transparent decision-making process through accurate data and meaningful information packaging."

+     Raising Standards

"Consumers deserve a higher standard of professional real estate services, including a higher standard of competency and communication from their real estate agents and companies."

+     Professionalism Is Helpful

"Identifying and partnering with a good agent should be easier, feel more comfortable and resemble a helpful approach."

These are the principles we work towards everyday.