Take a Multi-faceted Approach to Close the House You Want

Yes, prices are still low, however low prices alone do not equate to a "buyer's market."  In fact, it's not a "buyer's market" in most parts of California.  Here are a few important perspectives POWERof2 Realty agents will share with you in greater detail: 

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    1 - Low Inventory

Real Estate Housing Inventory Trends
Historically low inventory, especially when compared to housing trends between 2010 - 2012.

    2 - Courthouse Transactions

Real Estate on the Proverbial Courthouse Steps

Significant numbers of property transactions taking place on the proverbial couthouse steps, before most consumers ever learn about these properties.

    3 - Cash Offers

Cash Buyer for Homes
Large institutional buyers making cash offers in high volume (30% of all residential transactions in 2012 and it maybe higher in 2013).

    4 - Inventory Becoming Rentals

Home Rentals, Not House Flipping
Courthouse and institutional buyers are increasingly converting their cash deals into rental properties (not returning them back to the market as flips).

    5 - Market Conditions

Housing Market Trends
Perspectives on market conditions that you won't find on any blogs, especially because our insights are hyper-local.

    6 - Adaptibility

Real Estate Strategy Adaptability
Strategic and/or tactical adaptations to those current market conditions, reserved exclusively for our clientele.

    7 - Property Tax

Property Tax Avoidance
Property Tax Variations
Tax rate disclosures can have a significant impact on your monthly payments, as well as the total cost-to-own over the life of a property.

    8 - More Listings

Proerty Search More Accurate, Up-to-Date
More "Fresh" Home Listings
Home listings unavailable to or excluded from showing up on the most popular websites because a power agent's access to listings is more accurate, more up-to-date & includes more information than power sites which rely on third-party data feeds.

    9 - Unique Strategies

Real Estate Home Buying Strategy
Homebuying strategies to beat out other buyers, even if a competing bid is higher (unique offer writing), and they work often enough that our clients absolutely love these advantages.

Sample Listings Purchased in 2014

In 2014, the team at POWERof2 Realty was involved more than 100 transactions involving buying and selling homes, on behalf of themselves and their clients. The listings below represent just of a few of those homes.

12355 Brianwood Dr 6Bed 3Bath Riverside 92503

12355 Brianwood Dr.
Riverside, CA 92503
6 Bed - 3 Bath - 3,247 sqft

3390 Orange St 4Bed 2Bath Riverside 92501

3390 Orange St.
Riverside, CA 92501
4 Bed - 2 Bath - 2,455 sqft


14286 Meadowlands Dr 5Bed 3Bath Riverside 92503

14286 Meadowlands Dr.
Riverside, CA 92503
5 Bed - 3 Bath - 2,526 sqft


3276 Kirklee Ln 3Bed 2Bath Riverside 92504

3276 Kirklee Ln.
Riverside, CA 92504
3 Bed - 2 Bath - 1,494 sqft