Home For Home™ Story

How It All Began . . .

When a 7.4 earthquake shook the San Marcos area of Guatemala on November 7th 2012, the damage to the metropolitan area was visible. Buildings across the region had been leveled and the death toll rose above 50 within a week. With contacts on the ground there, Jared Jones, co-founder of POWERof2 Realty, learned of the help that would be needed to assist in the rebuild.

Guatemala San Marcos Earthquake November 2012 Map Guatemala San Marcos Earthquake November 2012 Photo

In just over a month Jared had collected funds from friends and clients. He added his own contributions and traveled southward with his colleague Jim Gawrys to the San Marcos region to aid the rebuilding. Upon arrival, they perceived that the government would be stepping in to assist heavily in the metropolitan areas.

Over the next several days, the trip transitioned from one of rebuild and repair in the city to a mission of new hope for impoverished families in need throughout the surrounding rural communities. As a result of this experience, Jared Jones determined to build this kind of philanthropy directly into a business model that is now expressed as POWERof2 Realty and the Home For Home™ program.

Home For Home Rodas-Morales Before Home For Home Rodas-Morales After

In order to participate in in this one-for-one-style philanthropy, you need only choose POWERof2 Realty to represent you in your next real estate transaction. That's it. No additional fees; it is just that easy!  We believe that this Exponential Good™ represents a compelling reason to choose a talented POWERof2 Agent over our competition.