Meet The Power of 2 Realty Team

These days everyone just needs more things going for them. Power of 2 Realty Agents represent a precious competitive advantage in today's crowded industry and challenging market. And we're ready to prove it.

Choosing a Power of 2 Agent ensures that you get an authentic professional who shares their commission in the building of a new home for a family in need.

Achieve Results Worth Sharing

Nothing matters more than maximizing your success. And there is no higher compliment than for you to share your positive experiences with an unexpected level of enthusiasm. While proof can only be demonstrated through action, here are several of the commitments that we make to our clientele:

Communication Guarantee

Receive personalized weekly communications from POWERof2 Realty without fail, in addition to any automated real estate communication such as housing market updates.

Persistence Guarantee

While history has shown a tough market to homeowners, the residential real estate market has been extremely competitive for buyers in recent years and continues to be. We stick with you regardless of the market swings.

Smarter Offer Approach

More powerful than dollar amounts in this market, creative offer writing has everything to do with whether or not an offer gets accepted, and this is one of the primary competitive advantages that we demonstrate.

Easy-Out Commitments

While Power of 2 Agents only work with exclusive clients (those not working with other agents), we design "easy out" agreements so that if you EVER feel that we're not offering you the most of everything, you walk away free and clear without a single obligation.

Meet the Team