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Brian Hopkins

Co-Founder, Realtor®


Real estate agent Brian Hopkins realizes that homeownership is not just a matter of pride; it’s often the largest investment for many Americans. That’s why he is deeply committed to protecting his clients’ interests. With a degree in marketing and advertising, Brian began his career managing a media startup before moving into sales and general management. Everything changed, however, when he met top Riverside agent Jared Jones. As Brian had once lived in Guatemala for two years, he was drawn to Jared’s philanthropic business model that donates a portion of his sales to build homes for families there. Brian is also drawn to Power of 2 Realty’s personalized focus toward its clients and believes that his skills enable him to assist them on a comprehensive scale. Brian is a devoted family man, churchgoer, and volunteer for Boy Scouts of America. To unwind, he enjoys the beach, working out, mountain biking, traveling, and photography.

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